Selected Learning Management Systems and Web-based Training Systems

The following directory of products and vendors that are used with a web browser is not exhaustive, and omission is not an indication of lack of merit. Comments are preliminary evaluations and subject to further product development.

Free Open Source Software— Course or Content management systems (CMS) and tools.

  1. Moodle
  2. Eledge
  3. Manhattan Virtual Classroom
  4. Learning Management Systems
  5. OpenLaszlo — Alternative to Macromedia tools, runs on Linux.

Commercial Learning Management Systems (LMS) — Having administrative and perhaps diagnostic features.

  1. WebCT — Includes extensive WBT features. Fixed-price server pricing, unlimited students and sessions. No standalone use except as time-limited free demo. Server requires Microsoft Windows NT 4.0. Written in C and perl. Accessible with any browser, no plugins required.
  2. Pathlore — Workstation and application server both require Microsoft Windows 95, 98, 2000, or NT 4.0, and server needs MS IIE 4.0 or Netscape web server. Only works with MS SQL Server 7.0 or Oracle 7.3 databases.
  3. LearnFrame — AICC-Compliant. Workstation and application server both require Microsoft Windows 95, 98, 2000, or NT 4.0. Only works with MS SQL Server 7.0 or Oracle 7.3 databases.
  4. Integrity eLearning — AICC-Certified. Have WBT authoring tool. Requires NT web server. Only works with Microsoft database products. Best used with Macromedia tools (below).
  5. Blackboard — Hosts online services and offers a standalone product called CourseInfo.
  6. Convene
  7. Embanet
  9. Saratoga Group
  10. Centra Symposium
  11. TopClass
  12. Web Course in a Box
  13. Avilar WebMentor

Commercial Web-based Training (WBT) Systems — Having authoring, delivery and perhaps diagnostic features.

  1. Macromedia Web Learning — Main products needed for WBT development are Authorware, Coursebuilder, and Dreamweaver. Expensive, only runs on Windows, Mac.
  2. SocratEase — Extensive WBT package with LMS features, written in java, so can run standalone or on any workstation that supports a browser with java, including PCs and Macs, but expensive user- and session-based pricing.
  3. QuestionMark — Runs on PCs, creates exams and reports results.
  4. QuizServer — Limited exambuilder capabilities. Needs perl.
  5. — Create multiple-choice exams on their site that students can take and have scores reported to you. Annual pricing for licenses that limit the number of questions.
  6. EasyT Online Subject — A rapid development tool for teachers and curriculum developers building online subjects. The EasyT Online Subject Wizard works with Microsoft FrontPage 2000 to build a tailored, interactive web template within minutes. Subject content (lectures, tutorials, assignments etc) can then be typed directly into the template using the FrontPage WYSIWIG Editor or added by simple cut and paste from any word processor.
  7. QuizPlease — Create multimedia/interactive tests for the Internet. It also creates Email-surveys and assignments. Requires at least Netscape 3 or Internet Explorer 3. No add-ins are required. Quizzes are "portable"; they may be taken on the Web, over a Network, from a CD or even from a diskette.
  8. FrontPage 2000 Quizzing Engine Add-in — Have to buy FrontPage 2000 to use this.

LMS/WBT Freeware

  1. Flax — Freeware with adequate text-oriented WBT and some LMS features, written in java, so will run on any workstation running a browser that supports java, and requires no server support. However, no support or further development and no open source. Would need other tools for multimedia features. From De Montfort University.
  2. Hot Potatoes — Generate multiple-choice, fill-in, matching, crossword, and other exams as HTML or DHTML pages. Runs on PC or Mac. Free for non-commercial educational use. But no conditional branching, random drawing from question pools, course management, performance reporting other than exam scores, diagnostic or other capabilities. From the University of Victoria. We use it ourselves. See Constitutional Examinations.
  3. AudioGraph — The AudioGraph Recorder is a Macintosh authoring tool, which can capture multimedia training activities for later delivery as exams to other students. The AudioGraph Player plugin is available for both Macintosh and PC. Good tool for rapid, ad hoc courseware authoring. From Massey University in New Zealand.
  4. Cut and paste Javascript for Teachers — A few tools that can be useful. From the University of Hawaii.

Free WBT Remote Services

  1. Makers — Use WBT on their system to generate DHTML/Javascript exam pages you can save, further modify, and use on your system. From Swarthmore College.
  2. Quia — A free service that allows you to create games and quizzes over the Internet and share them with others, give online quizzes and track students' scores, and create your own home pages for posting assignments, class schedules, and links to your favorite Web sites. They host, and make their money on advertising, so you have to put up with their ads.

Web Conferencing Products

  1. WebEx
  2. Evoke
  3. Placeware

Other Directories and Resource Pages

  1. Net Ingenuity eLearning
  2. WBT Information Center Tools Directory
  3. Express Learning
  4. Educational CyberPlayground: Software Programs and Technology
  5. Comparison of Online Course Management Systems — From David Wicks of Seattle Pacific University.

Email reflectors

  1. Archives of — Read discussion of WBT products, services, and methods.


  1. OnLineLearning2000 Exhibitors — See who exhibits at trade show on e-learning.

Development Projects

  1. The Harvey Project


  1. HTML Version or Menu Text Version      My Grandfather on Public Education, Jon Roland — Column: Jul. 12, 1998
  2. HTML Version or Menu Text Version      Speedreading and Related Skills, Jon Roland — Column: Jan. 13, 1998
  3. HTML Version or Menu           Seven Criteria for Evaluating Open-Source Content Management Systems, Abhijeet Chavan — Linux Journal, 2005-05-11.

Commercial Remote WBT Services

  1. HorizonLive
  2. TrainingForce

Some Educational Java applets with source code

  1. Calc — The Calc applet is an actual calculator with advanced functions including symbolic differentiation.
  2. crossword — A 15x15 crossword puzzle.
  3. FindIt — This is a really cool applet that presents you with two identical (almost) images. Find the differences and click on them before the clock runs out and you get to move on to the next level.
  4. Glossary — The Glossary applet was developed to present in a more compact and accessable manner what had been long scrolling HTML pages. Definitions can be obtained by browsing the list a-z or by initiating a search on a particular word or phrase. Could be used to provide immediate feedback on fill-ins.
  5. Hangman — Play the classic word game starring Duke.
  6. ImageMap — An interactive image map with sound effects.
  7. IMap — How many times has someone requested pop-up help windows on imagemaps? Here's an elegant solution.
  8. Memory — Reminiscent of Concentration, this fast paced game can be configured with your own images.
  9. SlideViewer — SlideViewer is a free applet that is used to display a sequence of GIF or JPEG images with a caption. The applet provides random transitions between the images much like MS PowerPoint.
  10. Wordfind — Wordfind, or Jumblaya, as the author likes to call it, is an excellent applet for educational pages, or just for outright fun!
  11. WordSearch — WordSearch is the applet version of the popular game some of us played before the advent of video games.